Apollo 15: Man Must Explore. DVD 6-disc set. Spacecraft Films.

Apollo 16: Journey to Descartes. DVD 6-disc set. Spacecraft Films.

Apollo 17: The End of the Beginning. DVD 6-disc set. Spacecraft Films.

In Their Own Words: The Space Race. CD 7-disc set. Topics Entertainment. Renton, Washington. ISBN No. 1591502403


The H. Louis Salmon Library at the University of Alabama at Huntsville holds all the papers compiled by Saverio "Sonny" Morea, which he donated after his retirement from the Marshall Space Flight Center. The Lunar Roving Vehicle Collection includes hundreds of memos, letters, faxes, documents, and other materials that Mr. Morea kept during his management of the LRV program at MSFC.

The U.S. Geological Survey, Branch of Astrogeology-A Chronology of Activities from Conception through the End of Project Apollo (1960-1973) By Gerald G. Schaber URL:

The above Open File Report by Dr. Gerald Schaber is both comprehensive and very entertaining to read. The report itself constitutes years of effort by Dr. Schaber in conducting many one-to-one interviews, researching, compiling, writing and editing. In so doing, he has preserved years of work by the USGS in support of the Apollo program. There are also links to many rare and interesting photographs from this wonderful era, a few of which appear in this book through Dr. Schaber's generosity.

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