Space Exploration Proposal Documents

Pioneering the Space Frontier. The Report of the National Commission on Space.

Washington, D.C. 1986 Leadership and America's Future in Space. A Report to the Administrator. Dr. Sally K. Ride. August 1987.

Lunar roving vehicle collection, University of Alabama 299

Report of the 90-Day Study on Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars. NASA

TM-102999. Washington, D.C. November 1989. Report of the Advisory Committee On the Future of the U.S. Space Program. NASA,

Washington, D.C. December 1990 America at the Threshold: America's Space Exploration Initiative. Report of the

Synthesis Group. May 1991. The Vision for Space Exploration. Washington, D.C. February 2004. Exploration Systems Architecture Study. Final Report. NASA, Washington, D.C. November 2005.

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