Fiber Metal Laminates24

Fiber metal laminates are laminated materials consisting of thin layers of metal sheet and unidirectional fiber layers embedded in an adhesive system. (GLARE) Glass Laminate Aluminum Reinforced is a type of aluminum fiber metal laminate,

Al Sheet

Al Sheet

Fig. 9.29. Typical GLARE Construction24

in which unidirectional S-2 glass fibers are embedded in FM-34 epoxy structural film adhesive. A typical construction is shown in Fig. 9.29. The S-2 glass is bonded to the aluminum sheets with the film adhesive. The aluminum metal layers are chemically cleaned (chromic acid anodized or phosphoric acid anodized) and primed with BR-127 corrosion inhibiting primer. The adhesion between the FM 94 adhesive and treated metal surface, and between FM 94 and S-2 glass fibers, is so high that these bond lines often remain intact until cohesive adhesive failure occurs. The primary advantages of GLARE are: better fatigue crack propagation resistance than aluminum, superior damage tolerance compared to aluminum, higher bearing strengths than carbon/epoxy, 10% lighter weight than aluminum, and lower cost than composite but higher cost than aluminum.

The GLARE is normally available in six different standard grades, as outlined in Table 9.1. They are all based on unidirectional S-2 glass fibers embedded

Table 9.1

Commercial GLARE Grades24

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