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Gravitation and Generation

Bonnet's most widely read work was his Contemplation of Nature. This was not a technical report of his researches, but rather a popular meditation on the Great Chain of Being, which links the Creator to all His creatures. The inanimate and the animate form a scale of insensibly small steps, from rocks and crystals to plants to simple organisms to sensate and intelligent animals. The polyp naturally serves as the link between plant and animal. In the preface to Contemplation of Nature, Bonnet responds to the attacks on his earlier work on generation and to the complaints that he hypothesized too freely. What author, he asks, has distinguished more carefully than I the facts from their consequences, immediate or mediate The accusation that he had muddied the distinction between the facts and his own conjectures clearly vexed him he

The Clockwork Universe

In the Age of Enlightenment, humanity was gradually beginning to feel at ease with the fact that Earth was a relatively small globe in orbit around the Sun - one planet of many - rather than being an immovable rock anchored at the very hub of the universe. From the time of Galileo up until the telescopic discovery of Uranus by William Herschel in 1781, the known Solar System extended out as far as the orbit of Saturn.

Whytravel To Distant Stars Planetary Systems And Galaxies

There are more than 160 planets associated with more than 100 star planetary systems that have been discovered over the past few years. The discovered planets are generally several times the size of our Jupiter and are associated with stars that are tens to hundreds of light years from the earth and of magnitude that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Planets of the size of earth have not been discovered because our telescopes are not yet powerful enough to detect their presence. But that will change in the very near future when it is expected that many striking revelations will be made. For example, there are several post-Hubble telescopes and orbiting laser interferometers in the making that will most certainly expose many secrets of the universe that have escaped our knowledge and understanding up to now. It is likely that one or more of these telescopes will be able to detect the presence of earth-like planets that are associated with stars in our galaxy. They may provide vitally...

Box 22 The Vacuum Is Empty Space Really Empty

While the notion of a vacuum brings to mind the ultimate state of nothingness (indeed, this is what was pictured by 19th-century physics), quantum theory changes all of that. Nature's quantum vacuum is anything but empty instead, it is seething with virtual particles and condensates. To 20th-century physicists, the vacuum is simply the lowest energy state of the system. It need not be empty or uninteresting, and its energy is not necessarily zero.

On the Physical Meaning of Galileos Principle of Relativity

Different media - in air, water, etc. Therefore it is natural to assume that the Earth is also moving in some kind of medium, which can be called aether, vacuum, or simply space. Now we face the first problem Is space an entity Since the time of Newton and Leibnitz there has been a continued debate over the nature of space. There exist two opposing views - absolutism (substantivalism) and relationism, which hold that space is a substance and a collection of relations between physical objects, respectively. In this book we will not enter that debate but, in order to avoid semantic misunderstandings, we will make it clear that by space we will understand the entity in which the Earth moves. One cannot deny the existence of that entity by claiming that it is merely nothingness or just a set of relations between the Earth and the other celestial bodies. Such a denial must obviously answer the old argument - if there were nothing between the Earth and the Moon, for example, why would they...

The MeRits of the configu Rational Mode

To think in this way is to confront some of the limitations of perspectival images, both for practical and other purposes. William Blake (1757-1827), proponent of the imagination and enemy of Enlightenment rationalism and mensuration, wrote, May God us keep From single vision and Newton's sleep' (Blake, 1802). It is tempting to see the single vision he hated as pictorial perspective. Certainly, his graphical work exhibits a disinterest in conventional perspectival picture-making many of his works are far closer to the configurational mode, organising symbols on the plane. Panofsky suggested that the window model of perspectival depiction militated

Superclusters Strings And Dark Matter

On a scale larger still, the superclusters are separated by voids of staggering size. When all the known galaxies are mapped using a computer program that simulates three-dimensional space, a foamlike cosmic structure becomes evident. Think of the large bubbles produced in soapy water. The superclusters exist mainly on the filmy surfaces of the bubbles. Inside the bubbles and between them is nothingness or at least EM darkness. Some astronomers suspect that these dark regions contain some as-yet-unknown stuff that has mass and that has a profound effect on the evolution of the Universe. This stuff has even been given a name dark matter. It is a topic of much interest and debate.

There is no way to find out what is in there Not even light can escape So how do we know that they are even there

The stellar corpse left over from the demise and collapse of a massive star can be so heavy that no force in nature can keep it from crumpling under its own weight into an infinitely small volume. Although the matter has apparently disappeared, having been compacted into nothingness, it still exerts a powerful gravitational pull and stars and other objects that come too close can be pulled in.

Intelligent Design An Astronomical Perspective

Great as the Newtonian triumph was in science, it had an even greater effect on other realms of thought and on the history of Western civilization. Discovering more of the essential core of human knowledge than anyone before him, Newton illustrated the amazing ability of human reason, and through his success encouraged others to apply reason to other subjects. The eighteenth century became the century of enlightenment, in which critical human reason freed people from ignorance, from prejudices, and from unexamined authority, including religion and the state.

How Did the Big Bang Create Something out of Nothing

First, one needs a reasonable definition of nothing. The nothingness at the beginning of the universe had zero energy and zero mass, a perfectly acceptable description of a vacuum. Of course, this vacuum was a special quantum vacuum, and quantum mechanics decrees that entities are not exactly any number not even exactly zero. So the amount of mass in this scenario actually fluctuates around zero, with bits and particles fleeting into existence for the briefest of moments here and there. Most of these flip instantly back into nothingness.

What Came before the Big Bang

An elegant answer to this question comes from the Cambridge physicist Roger Penrose, who said that asking this question is like asking what is north of the North Pole. The concept simply doesn't apply. The term north no longer has meaning at the Pole, and the term before doesn't have meaning when all of space and time was created in the big bang itself. Pre-big bang nothingness is absolute.

External Relations and the Internal Environment

Burden pool application sequence, 23 July 1980 (NASA-JPL, 16150). JPL's burden budget for indirect costs covered administrative and support salaries as well as supplies and utilities, but its definition remained flexible. I thank Winston Gin and Gary Ureda for enlightenment on this subject.

The Measurement of Acceleration by SN Ia

Since SN Ia take approximately 20 days to rise from nothingness to maximum light 49 , the three-week separation between before and after observations (which equates to 14 rest frame days at z 0.5) is a good filter to catch the supernovae on the rise. The supernovae are not always easily identified as new stars on galaxies - most of the time they are buried in their hosts, and we must use a relatively sophisticated process to identify them. In this process, the imaging data that we take in a night, is aligned with the previous epoch, with the image star profiles matched (through convolution) and scaled between the two epochs to make the two images as identical as possible. The difference between these two images is then searched for new objects which stand out against the static sources that have been largely removed in the differencing process 40, 52 . The dramatic increase in computing power in the 1980s was thus an important element in the development of this search technique, as...

Timetable to the Center

An astronaut drops from rest off a shell of radius r0. How long a time elapses, as measured on her wrist-watch, between letting go and arriving at the center of the black hole If she jumps off the shell just outside the horizon, what is her horizon-to-crunch time (the maximum possible horizon-to-crunch time, see equations 30 and 31 on page 3-21).

D9 A Visionary Nursing Leader Martha E Rogers

By discussing anticipated body changes and field patterning, Dr. Rogers struggled to integrate into her science of unitary beings, a sense of the emerging differences in future spacekind . She supported the value of transcendental meditation, imagery, and therapeutic touch for both earthbound and patients offworld. Rogers even discussed how the use of color, light, and sound could help space travelers in their adjustments to orbital living. Dr. Rogers often spoke of a whole new world of transcendental unity, while defining the role of a space nurse as to promote human spacekind wellbeing, whatever that may be. She challenged her colleagues who follow to ensure that nursing becomes not only a distinctive scientific discipline, but also have its distinctive body of knowledge contribute to fuller human emergence on the high frontier Subsequently, Dr. Philip Harris (2003) maintained that apart from the Shuttle program and the International Space Station, the Moon is likely to offer the...

Ptolemys Exposition Of Mathematical Astronomy

Concerned With Complex

Part of philosophy from the practical. . . . We accordingly thought . . . to train our actions . . . upon the consideration of their whatever things we happen upon beautiful and well-ordered disposition, and to indulge in meditation mostly for the exposition of many beautiful theorems and especially of those specifically called mathematical (Almagest, I 1).

Across The Great Divide

We scientists view the question as part of our turf, as the proper subject of astrobiology. In recent decades, however, another train of belief has been gathering steam on a parallel track. Although science has been on a roll of confidence and power since the Enlightenment, antiscientific voices are increasingly audible on the cultural airwaves. Creationism, faith healing, astrology, postmodern relativism, and New Age spirituality are among those beliefs that mainstream science regards as dangerous superstitions threatening the rational basis of our society. Many adherents of these beliefs view science as equally dangerous, threatening our very survival with an amoral, materialistic, antispiritual attitude and an out-of-control pursuit of new technology. Nowhere is the gulf between expert scientific opinion and popular folk beliefs greater than on the subject of aliens.

Grand Puzzle What Triggers the Formation of Stars

There does indeed seem to be an element of unpredictability. One of the major thrusts for morphology in the new millennium will be to understand better how stars form. Our understanding needs much enlightenment we want to know enough so as to begin with the observed infrared backbones of galaxies and predict what the optical images would look like star formation is a vital link in this process.

Overview of book

Frank Wilczek's contribution, aptly entitled 'Enlightenment, knowledge, ignorance, temptation', is based on his summary talk at the Cambridge meeting. In this, he discusses the historical and conceptual roots of reasoning about the parameters of fundamental physics and cosmology based on selection effects. He describes the developments which have improved the status of such reasoning, emphasizing that these go back well before string theory. He is well aware of the downside of this development, but accepts it as part of the price that has to be paid. Such reasoning can and should be combined with arguments based on symmetry and dynamics it supplements them, but does not replace them. This view is cogently encapsulated in Wilzcek's eponymous classification of physical parameters.

A classification

(1) Enlightenment 3 Enlightenment, knowledge, ignorance, temptation Selected 3 Enlightenment, knowledge, ignorance, temptation Selected Enlightenment Dynamical versus anthropic reasoning is not an either or proposition. It may be that some parameters are best understood dynamically and others anthropically (and others not at all). In my chart, no box is empty. Indeed, there is much potential for fertile interaction between these different modes of reasoning. For example, both axion physics and low-energy supersym-metry provide candidates for dark matter, and dark matter has extremely important anthropic implications 5 . Nor is the situation necessarily static. We can look forward to a flow of parameters along the paths from 'ignorance' to 'enlightenment' as physics progresses.

A career in music

And choral works and as a performer on the oboe, organ, and violin he had dined with the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, who had attended one of his solo performances in Edinburgh and in Leeds, where he lived for about four years, he was solidly booked with private lessons.

Need To Know

What seem to be convincing clues to our real origins, a story about a point of nothingness exploding and evolving over billions of years to generate our entire universe of galaxies and flowers, and many regard the tale as Dullsville. Maybe we're not telling it in the right way.

Ancestral Cloud

Long before we became creatures living within a planetary biosphere, and just before we became a preplanetary disk of debris circling a young Sun, we were a molecular cloud floating in the arms of the Milky Way. Then, everything in our entire solar system was smoothly blended, drifting together in this diffuse cloud of gas and dust. You, me, the Elephant Man, the Dalai Lama, the neighbor's barking dog, the flower shop down the street, the Great Wall of China, the core of the Earth, the Sun, and the planet Neptune we were all one. Of course we still are, but back then it would have been obvious even without the aid of meditation, psychedelics, or quantum mechanics, as we were all ground up and comingled, all one and the same cloud.


Not everyone requires the same degree of privacy. Some people are able to tolerate high-density living conditions or they have psychological mechanisms for shutting others out. Douglas Raybeck points out that in some Middle Eastern cultures, people prefer to live in one large room.24 If they wish to withdraw, they simply quit talking. Japanese and members of other Asian cultures tend to thrive despite living in high-density cities focusing inward through meditation and other processes helps them avoid a sense of crowding. Among North Americans, all-male groups tend to require more space and more privacy than do all-female or mixed groups. The same packed rooms that men describe as crowded women describe as cozy. Nonetheless, Raybeck points out, members of all societies must have some means of achieving solitude. We will have to make architectural allowances for privacy.

The Optimum State

If you think just a moment, you will see that the problem with our society, especially after the rise of the Enlightenment, is precisely that every intellectual has his or her own idea of what that optimum state is, and some of those intellectuals have even succeeded in experimenting with their ideas. The terrible failures of mass centered ideologies (think of Cambodia) and the results of the fight against taboos (think of AIDS in the Western countries) show essentially one thing society is too complex a system, and the role of fluctuations in it too important to justify the application of simple theories or recipes. Simple theories or recipes may be right on certain accounts, but precisely because of that they can be dangerous if applied without great caution.


Centuries was a greater sense of individual responsibility. The continuation of the tribe or community with its fixed positions and role expectations was no longer primary, but rather the focus was on the individual and what he or she could become. Besides, the social and cosmic order is no longer affirmed. Instead, our current earthly existence is felt lacking. In the religious myths our lives are confronted with something different, something better. In Hinduism this is redemption out of the cycles of earthly existence, in Buddhism it is Nirvana and Enlightenment. Among Jews the expectation of a Kingdom of God develops in Christianity this longing returns also with a more individual focus as expectations about redemption and eternal life.

Critical thought

Enlightenment At the end of the eighteenth century, the philosopher Immanuel Kant labelled the Enlightenment as an exodus out of a self-inflicted immaturity. That it was self-inflicted I am not so sure of immaturity was an unavoidable part of our heritage, but these centuries have been an exodus out of immaturity. People have never before been as aware of the possibility to test knowledge claims and to call authority into question, while relying on knowledge which has withstood the test of substantial questioning, proving itself to be robust. Together these elements have generated a mixture of 'modernity' that has spread from Europe across the globe. Christian self-criticism has led some to appreciate wisdom from other cultures. Meditation techniques such as yoga from Asia have spread in Europe and America. There is much to be said for the appropriation of insights from others, at least as long as such steps are not accompanied by naive claims that, for instance, transcendental...

Invitation Only

After weeks of careful watching and listening, I started to question whether I was observing the same sky as everyone else. One night at the springs some people I met were matter-of-factly discussing UFO sightings and even telepathic contacts with aliens. I told them that I had been trying every night but had not yet seen any highly unusual sky phenomena. I asked for advice. One woman who had experienced many sightings told me that the most important thing is that you have to invite them. They will not show up for just anyone, in just any state of mind. I asked if she could tell me anything more specific about how you invite them. She said that you go to a very dark place and focus on inviting them, on receiving them, on wishing them to be with you, and you try to communicate to them that it is safe to come. After a while spent meditating on these themes, sometimes they show up lights in the sky that hover, pause meaningfully, and seem to communicate with you.


Yet everything has a beginning, everything comes to an end, and if the universe actually began in some dense explosion, thus creating time and space, so time and space are themselves destined to disappear, the measure vanishing with the measured, until with another ripple running through the primordial quantum field, something new arises from nothingness once again.


Named for the French philosopher of the Enlightenment, Marie-Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat, marquis de Condorcet (1743-1794), an advocate of educational reform and a believer in the indefinite perfectability of mankind. At an early age, Condorcet showed remarkable mathematical abilities, notably in probability theory, and as a friend of d'Alembert see planet (5956) he took an active part in the preparation of the Encyclop die. But he is mainly remembered for his Esquisse d'un tableau historique des progr s de l'esprit humain (1795), with its fundamental idea of the continuous progress of humankind to an ultimate perfection. Suspected as a Girondin, he has to flee, but eventually he was captured and imprisoned at Bourg-La-Reine, where he was poisoned. (M 31028)


Named for the author Christoph Martin Wieland (1733-1813), a representative of the Rococo period, as well as of the German Enlightenment. Founder of modern German storytelling prose, he translated the works of Shakespeare see planet (2985) and other writers and paved the way to the German classical period. The complete edition of his works contains 42 volumes. From 1773 to 1810 he was editor of the journal Der Teutsche Merkur. In 1772, he was appointed educator of the young Prince Carl August at the court in Weimar see planet (3539) , where he was a highly respected member of Goethe's see planet (3047) sphere. (M 31612)

Mind Matters

For Enlightenment-guided science it was quite the revelation that our mental states arise from processes described by physics, chemistry, and cellular biology. During one writing retreat in the San Luis Valley, I met a number of people who were in Crestone for a large Buddhist meditation retreat with Tsoknyi Rinpoche, a visiting Tibetan master.' One of the participants told me that the question of extraterrestrial life was entirely meaningless and uninteresting. Everything, he said with complete confidence, is the creation of mind, so the idea that stars are many light-years away means nothing. Other beings are right here, intermingling in our space. Life on other planets should be of no concern to us, because there is no difference at all between out there and down here.


Named in memory of Henri de Boulainvilliers (1658-1722), French historian and political writer who influenced intellectual developments in the French Enlightenment. Claiming that historical studies can supply the tools for analyzing the present state of society, he worked out a theory of comparative historical study which approached the later writings of Montesquieu see planet (7064) . In 1683 he published his L'Id e d'un syst me general de la Nature, which anticipated Holbach's see planet (6956) Syst me de la Nature (1770). His Histoire de la religion et de la philosophie ancienne was published around 1700. (M 34347 M 34673)

Program organization

We now make an abrupt transition to a presentation of various algorithms utilized by the direct summation codes. Before proceeding further, it will be useful to include some practical aspects in order to have a proper setting for the subsequent more technical procedures. First we introduce the main codes that have been developed for studying different gravitational N-body problems. Where possible, the same data structure has been employed, except that the most recent versions are formulated in terms of the Hermite integration scheme. Since the largest codes are quite complicated, we attempt to describe the overall organization by tables and a flowchart to provide some enlightenment. Later sections give further details concerning input parameters, variables and data structure each of these elements play an important role for understanding the general construction. We also discuss a variety of optional features which provide enhanced flexibility for examining different processes.

Physical Space Time

From the landscape proposal springs a radical scenario. In principle, vacua of the landscape do not need to correspond to actual worlds, however, very much on the contrary, it is argued that the string landscape suggests a multiuniverse. According to this proposal, the multiple vacua of string theory is associated to a vast number of pocket universes in a single large mega-universe. These pocket universes, like the expanding universe we observe around us, are all beyond any observational capability, as they lie beyond the cosmological horizon. In the words of Susskind, a vociferous proponent of the multiuniverse idea 44 , According to classical physics, those other worlds are forever completely sealed off from our world . Clearly, the implications of these ideas are somewhat disturbing. First, the vacuum that corresponds to our world must arise essentially form a selection procedure, to be dealt with via an-thropic or quantum cosmological considerations. Thus, it seems that somehow...

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