1989 OB. Discovered 1989 July 29 by C. S. Shoemaker and E. M. Shoemaker at Palomar.

Abhramu, the "cloud-knitter", was the original female elephant who was a supernatural winged being who could change her shape at will, like the clouds that resemble her children. According to Indian legend, Abhramu's tribe lost its wings and magic by mischance. (M 36947)

Addition by the discoverers: One day a large flock of elephants was flying slowly through the sky, changing

(9175) Graun into various shapes. Tiring, they spied a huge tree and began to alight on it. Alas, the combined weight of the elephant flock broke the tree's branches. An ascetic was sitting in yogic posture beneath the tree teaching his pupils. He was unharmed, but the falling branches and elephant bodies crushed all his students. Furious, the sage cursed the elephants and their wings dropped off leaving them earthbound ever since and trapped in the enormous cloud shapes they were wearing during the encounter.

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