A910 CB. Discovered 1910 Feb. 2 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Adalbert Merx {see planet (808)}, father-in-law of the discoverer, or, possibly, for Adalbert Kr├Ąger, editor of the Astronomische Nachrichten. (H 37)

Another planet also discovered by Max Wolf had been called (330) Ilmatar (AN 130, 159 (1892)). This planet was identified with (298) Baptistina and the name was transferred (Veroff. Rechen-Inst. 16, p. 27 (1901)) to (385). The "original" Adalberta was discovered by Wolf 1892 March 18. There exist no other observations than those from the discovery apparition. A reexamination of the original plates by R. M. West, C. Madsen and L. D. Schmadel (Astron. Astrophys., Vol. 110, p. 198202 (1982)) indicates that Wolf measured two stellar images and that therefore this planet is non-existent. The number and name were therefore assigned to another minor planet (M 6939).

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