Discovered 1908 Oct. 21 by J. H. Metcalf at Taunton.

Named by Max Wolf probably for the German-born Queen Adelaide, consort of the British king William IV (1765-1837). The capital of Southern Australia (founded 1836) was named for her. (LDS; B. G. Marsden)

The number and name were originally given to a minor planet discovered 1904 by Max Wolf at Heidelberg. A. Patry (MPC 1831) established the identity of (525) with (1171) Rusthawelia on the basis of well known elements of (1171). There are only a few references to (525) in the literature. The Minor Planet Center retained the number and name of (1171) and vacated the number (525). In MPC 1935 the vacated number and name were assigned to the 1908 Metcalf planet.

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