1964 EC. Discovered 1964 Mar. 8 by F. Börngen at Tautenburg.

Named in honor of Paul Ahnert {1897-1989}, author since 1949 of the annual Kalender für Sternfreunde and well known by professional and amateur astronomers alike in many countries. Although his principal aim is the popularization of astronomy, and he has published several books on the art of making observations, he has carried out research since 1938 at the Sonneberg {see planet (1039)} Observatory on variable stars and on the physics of the solar system. (M 9771)

Obituaries published in Ahnerts Kalender Sternfreunde 1990, p. 7 (1989); Sterne Weltraum, Jahrg. 28, Nr. 7/8, p. 480 (1989); Astron. Tidsskr., Ärg. 22, Nr. 4, p. 155-156 (1989); Bull. Assoc. Fr. Obs. Etoiles Variables, No. 51, p. 8 (1990).

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