Discovered 1911 Oct. 3 by J. Palisa at Vienna.

Named by the Vienna astronomers in honor of Albert Freiherr von Rothschild, a benefactor of the Vienna Observatory. (AN 193, 334 (1913))

The naming was commented on in Observatory, Vol.36, p. 153 (1913): "Masculine names are used only in the case of remarkable orbits like Eros, Albert, and the Trojan group." This minor planet was supposed to be lost for nearly 90 years. It was accidentally recovered on May 1 2000 by J. A. Larsen in the course of the Spacewatch program at Kitt Peak as 2000 JW8. G. V. Williams, associate director of the Minor Planet Center identified this object with (719) Albert, the last lost numbered planet. Further observations from the apparitions in 1971, 1988 and 1993, respectively, confirmed this identification. (IAUC 7420, MPC 40671)

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