Discovered 1887 Oct. 8 by C. H. F. Peters at Clinton.

Named for the Persian Great Mother, goddess of fertility. (H 32)

The discoverer proposed the name and, simultaneously, provided a quotation in AN 118, 44 (1887): "Ich schlage fur diesen Planeten den Namen Anahita vor, von der altpersischen Gäottin, bei den Occidentalen zuweilen auch Anaitis uäbersetzt. (Man mag daruäber z.B. nachlesen: Ebers, Aegyptische Käonigstochter, Bd. 2, die Anmerkung 38)." Prof. E. Weiss, director of the Vienna Observatory, stated that this planet is also named in honor of Anita, daughter of the famous American astronomer S. Newcomb {see planet (855)}. (Beilage zum astronomischen Kalender 1889, p. 83)

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