1942 EM. Discovered 1942 Mar. 23 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in memory of Anne Frank (1929-1945), whose life and diary form a poignant record of the ravages of war and racism, as seen through the eyes of a young person. Notebooks and papers in Anne's handwriting were found in the family's hiding place on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam by Miep Gies, a friend who had protected and sustained the group during their isolation. They appeared in published form in 1947 and have since been widely read in more than thirty languages. Despite the incredible adversity it records, the message is inherently one of hope. Proposed on the fiftieth anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in Europe. (M 25230)

Name proposed and citation prepared by G. C. L. Aik-man.

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