Discovered 1866 Oct. 1 by R. Luther at Dusseldorf.

The name appears twice in the mythology. Antiope was the daughter of Nycteus, king of Thebes, and Polyxo {see planet (308)} and mother of two children by Zeus {see planet (5731)}. Antiope is also mentioned as one of the queens of the Amazones and daughter of Ares. She was taken prisoner by Hercules and given in marriage to Theseus. (H 13)

Named by von Kuhlwetter, district president of Düsseldorf.

Antiope seems to be the first double asteroid ever discovered. A survey team of astronomers led by W. Merline, Boulder (U.S.A.) detected the pair using the W. M. Keck telescope atop Mauna Kea, Hawaii by means of adaptive optics procedures. Each member of the pair has a diameter of about 80 km with a mutual separation of approximately 160 km.

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