1981 EX19. Discovered 1981 Mar. 2 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring.

Named in memory of Isaac Asimov (1920-1992), author and scientist. A prolific writer, Asimov produced nearly 500 works of science fiction and nonfiction, covering topics ranging from mathematics and physics to Shakespeare and history. His Robot stories revolutionized modern ideas about intelligent machines by introducing his "Three Laws of Robotics", an ethical code of robot behavior. While a professor of biochemistry at Boston University, Asimov also devoted himself to making science accessible to the general public through writing and lecturing. (M 27128; M 27147)

Name independently proposed by B. A. Skiff.

Obituary published in Nature, Vol. 357, No. 6374, p. 113 (1992).

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