1962 RK. Discovered 1962 Sept. 7 at the Goethe Link Observatory at Brooklyn, Indiana.

Named in honor of Robert d'Escourt Atkinson {18981982}, noted for his contributions to fundamental astronomy. He also pioneered in studying nuclear energy-generation in the Sun and stars, in collaboration with Houtermans in the late 1920's. During his time as chief assistant at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, he handled the many details of the move to Herstmonceux, Sussex. He was awarded the Eddington Medal by the Royal Astronomical Society in 1960. Following his retirement from the Royal Greenwich Observatory he served on the Faculty of Indiana University for several years. (M 4236)

Proposed by Frank K. Edmondson

Obituaries published in J. Br. Astron. Assoc., Vol. 93, No. 4, p. 172-173 (1983); Phys. Today, Vol. 36, No. 5, p. 81-82 (1983); Sky Telesc., Vol. 65, No. 5, p. 417 (1983); Astronomie, Vol. 97, p. 442 (1983); Q.J.R. Astron. Soc., Vol. 25, No. 1, p. 100-104 (1984).

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