1951 KA. Discovered 1951 May 31 by S. Arend at Uccle.

This planet is named in honor of Dr. Paul Baize {1901-1995} of Paris who { was} a practicing physician and at the same time an assiduous amateur double star observer and computer at the Paris Observatory. This planet was recovered by Van Biesbroeck in 1952. Both he and the discoverer are ardent double star observers and they join in signifying their high esteem for their colleague. (M 943)

Obituaries published in Int. Astron. Union Comm. 26, Inf. Circ., No. 127, p. 2 (1995); Ciel Terre, Vol. 112, No. 3, p. 119-120 (1996); Astronomie, Vol. 110, p. 32 (1996).

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