1989 SV1. Discovered 1989 Sept. 26 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named in memory of the famous Russian composer and pianist Milij Alekseevich Balakirev (1837-1910). With Borodin {see planet (6780)}, Kyui, Musorgskij and Rimskij-Korsakov {see planets (1059) and (4534)}, he formed a group known as "The Innovators". Although Balakirev started to study mathematics, he changed his field to music under the influence of the diplomat A. D. Ulybyshev. He was the ruling spirit of the group and its - sometimes dictatorial - teacher of composition. Balakirev composed two symphonies and many other pieces for orchestra and piano. His fantasy for piano

Islamei has become world-famous, and although he was himself a brilliant pianist, he admitted - with complete modesty - that there were certain passages in it that he couldn't manage. (M 26767)

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