Named in honor of the Neugebauers, prominent family of physicists and mathematicians who have made significant contributions in their chosen fields. Gerry Neugebauer is chairman of the division of physics, mathematics and astronomy, California Institute of Technology, and director of Palomar Observatory; Marcia Neugebauer is project scientist for the Comet Asteroid Flyby mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory; and Otto E. Neugebauer, now on the faculty of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, is professor emeritus, Brown University, and celebrated his ninetieth birthday on 1989 May 26. (M 14632)

Obituaries for Otto Neugebauer (1899-1990) are published in Isis, Vol. 82, No. 311, p. 87-88 (1991); J. Hist. Astron., Vol. 24, Part 4, p. 289-299 (1993).

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