1976 HS. Discovered 1976 Apr. 23 at the Carlos U. Cesco Observatory at El Leoncito.

Named in memory of General Manuel Belgrano (1770-1820), creator of the Argentinian national flag. After studying law in Spain he returned to his native land and served as secretary for the commerce consulate of the viceroyship El Rio de la Plata. A deep believer in freedom and education, he hailed the establishment of the schools of agriculture, commerce and navigation in La Plata and was restless in his fight to improve the social and economic conditions of his people. Pioneer of the May revolution and a member of the first La Plata governmental meeting (1810), he participated in the first military campaign to Paraguay (1811) and defeated the Spanish army in Tucuman and Salta (1812-1813). He traveled to Europe on a diplomatic mission in the hope of gaining independence for these lands. On his return he was put in charge of the army fighting in Peru, and after his death in Buenos Aires he was considered the spiritual martyr of anarchy in his motherland. (M 17027)

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