1981 EG14. Discovered 1981 Mar. 1 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring.

Named in honor of Michael J. S. Belton {1934- } of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories for his fundamental contributions to our understanding of solar system astrophysics, his contagious enthusiasm for astronomy, and his many outstanding achievements as an internationally highly respected scientist and a motivating teacher who has the ability to convey the excitement of astronomy to specialist and public alike. Belton has tirelessly and selflessly worked to further the causes of space science and space exploration and has repeatedly demonstrated that the U.S. has a future in space that is exciting to the individual and important to the nation and the human race. Among many other things, he has made significant discoveries about the properties of comets and asteroids, as well as the outer solar system. He has worked on a number of planetary and astrophysics missions, most recently as team leader of the Galileo imaging investigation of the Jovian system. (M 18451)

Citation provided by J. H. Rahe at the request of the discoverer.

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