1996 DF1 . Discovered 1996 Feb. 22 by M. Cavagna and A. Testa at Sormano.

Named in memory of the brothers Giovanni (19011965) and Angelo (1911-1990) Bernasconi, renowned Italian amateur astronomers. Giovanni was a codiscov-erer of comets C/1941 K1 (although his discovery was not registered because of a delay in communications in

(7849) Janjosefric

wartime Europe), C/1942 C1 and C/1948 L1. Angelo developed a method for determining the real shape and orientation of cometary tails. Both brothers were active observers of comets, meteors and variable stars. In 1965 they established in Saronno a club of amateur astronomers, now named 'Gruppo Astrofili Giovanni e Angelo Bernasconi'. (M 30803)

Citation provided by L. Pansecchi at the request of the discoverers.

Obituary (A.B.) published in Universo, Vol. 12, No. 36, p. 51 (1992).

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