3186 T-3. Discovered 1977 Oct. 16 by C. J. van Houten and I. van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar.

Named in honor of Charles E. "Chuck" Brady, Jr. (1951- ), captain in the U.S. Navy, NASA astronaut, surgeon, experienced amateur radio operator and close friend to the name proposer. As a mission specialist, Chuck flew on the Life and Microgravity Spacelab mission aboard "Columbia" and has logged over 405 hours in space. In 1997, Chuck organized a radio expedition to Palmyra Island and the Kingman Reef in the Pacific. His ham call sign, N4BQW, could have been heard around the globe. (M 32790)

Name proposed and citation prepared by L. D. Schmadel, DK8UH, who contacted him on Palmyra.

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