1990 TJ2. Discovered 1990 Oct. 10 by F. Borngen and L. D. Schmadel at Tautenburg.

Named for the district in Germany around Berlin {see planet (422)}. The medieval capital of this region was the town of Brandenburg, and the current capital is Potsdam {see planet (5816)}. Brandenburg is a region with many lakes, waterways and pine forests. The poets Th. Fontane {see planet (8667)} and H. von Kleist, the scientist W. von Humboldt and the architect K. Fr. Schinkel {see planet (5297)} were all born in the region. Six well-known compositions by J. S. Bach {see planet (1814)} have the title Brandenburgische Konzerte. (M 24919) Name proposed by the first discoverer.

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