1981 FQ. Discovered 1981 Mar. 28 at the Harvard College Observatory at Harvard.

Named in honor of Aviva and Kenneth Brecher, each of whose research interests cover an enormous range. Both on the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1970s, Kenneth has since then been a professor of physics at Boston University, working in theoretical high- energy astrophysics, X-ray and gamma-ray astronomy, observational tests and consequences of gravitational theories and cosmology, as well as in archaeoastronomy and the history of astronomy, these last with the particular view of attempting to use ancient records to establish results of astrophysical interest. Aviva's astronomical interests have been more in the area of planetary evolution, with particular attention to the effects of magnetic fields and electric conductivity in meteorites and lunar samples. Subsequently she moved to the Arthur D. Little company, where her activities included the safety of nuclear and geotechnical systems and of the environment generally, and since 1985 she has joined her husband at Boston University as director of Academic and Corporate Relations. (M 18457)

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