1986 TG4. Discovered 1986 Oct. 4 by E. F. Helin at Palomar.

Named in honor of Geoffrey A. Briggs, space physicist, former Director of the Solar System Exploration program at NASA headquarters, where he played a leading role in establishing the U.S.-Soviet Joint Working Group for Solar System Exploration and served as co-chairman. In the 1970s he was at JPL as an active member of the Viking Orbiter Imaging Team. Currently with the Air and Space Museum, Briggs continues to energize the presentation of Space related accomplishments to the public. The discoverer wishes to acknowledge his longterm support and enthusiasm for solar system research. (M 18456)

The naming is heartily endorsed by Juorgen Rahe and the scientific community who have known him as a serious, hardworking scientist trying to accomplish the most with limited resources.

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