1963 RF. Discovered 1963 Sept. 14 at the Goethe Link Observatory at Brooklyn, Indiana.

Named in honor of the late Prof. Dirk Brouwer (19021966), Director of the Yale University Observatory since 1941, dean of celestial mechanicians in the U.S.A., president of Commission 20, I.A.U. (1948-1955), and an enthusiastic, inspiring leader in astrometry and dynamical astronomy. (M 2883)

The name was suggested by B. G. Marsden (who independently established the identity 1963 RF = 1947 QA) to memorialize Prof. Brouwer's studies of the minor planet families. Following (1578) Kirkwood, this is the twenty-first permanently numbered member of the Hilda group.

Brouwer is also honored by a lunar crater.

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