1996 HT14. Discovered 1996 Apr. 17 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named in memory of Pieter Brueghel (Bruegel, Breughel; c.1525-1569), the greatest Flemish painter of the sixteenth century. He was apprenticed to Pieter Coecke, a leading Antwerp artist, whose daughter he married. Although Brueghel was little influenced by Coecke's italianate art, the apprenticeship provided an

(9665) Inastronoviny important contact with a humanistic milieu, sensitizing Brueghel for human life. Perhaps for this reason his landscapes show, not only trees, mountains and snow, but also humans suffering from one side and enjoying life from the other. Through his sons Jan and Pieter, Brueghel became the ancestor of a dynasty of painters that survived into the eighteenth century. (M 34631)

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