1985 XS. Discovered 1985 Dec. 13 by the CERGA at Caussols.

Named in honor of Christian Buil, French amateur astronomer and long-term CCD enthusiast. Buil has been one of the first amateur astronomers to build a CCD camera - and use it. An avid observer, as well as electronician and computer programer, he has co-discovered supernovae and with his colleagues has imaged more than 5000 celestial objects incorporated in the Buil-Thouvenot Atlas, the first digital atlas available to the amateur community. He has also spent much time helping others and has for many years been the president of the T60 association that allows amateurs to use a 0.60-m telescope at Pic du Midi. (M 27463)

Name endorsed by his many friends, among them Eric and Guylaine Thouvenot and Alain Klotz.

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