Discovered 1868 Nov. 17 by N. R. Pogson at Madras.

Named possibly for a daughter of Metabus. When she was young, her father dedicated her to the service of Artemis {see planet (105)}. She became a virgin warrior and queen of the Volscians. She assisted Turnus against Aeneas {see planet (1172)}. Camilla fought with one breast bared to give freedom to her bow arm. She was a swift runner, comparable to Atalanta {see planet (36)}. She was killed by the spear of Aruns. (LDS; Z 49)

Other sources - see the remarks to planet (87) - give the alternative interpretation that the name refers to the French astronomer Camille Flammarion (see planet (1021)). This seems unlikely, however, because Pogson frequently used mythological names for his discoveries.

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