1979 KG. Discovered 1979 May 19 by R. M. West at La Silla.

Named in honor of Carlsbergfondet, established in 1876 by Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811-1887), philantropic founder of the first Carlsberg Brewery in 1847, in order to ensure the continuation of scientific work at the Carlsberg Laboratories and to provide support for the natural sciences, mathematics, philosophy, history and linguistics. The impact of Carlsbergfondet on Danish scientific and cultural life has been immense, and thousands of research projects, including many in astronomy and astrophysics, have become possible. This minor planet was numbered in 1994 when the discoverer was living in Munich, just 150 years after Jacobsen's visit to the breweries of that city, when he obtained a famous sample of yeast that contributed much to his subsequent success. (M 27330)

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