1972 NW. Discovered 1972 July 13 by C. Torres at Cerro El Roble.

Named in memory of the brothers Carrera, Javiera (1781-1862), Juan Jose (1782-1818), Jose Miguel (17851821) and Luis (1791-1818), active participants in gaining Chile's independence from Spain, in spite of continuous disagreements with Bernardo O'Higgins {see planet (2351)}, the "Father of the Country", and Jose de San Martin {see planet (2745)}, an Argentine general and political liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru. Jose Miguel Carrera was the first president of Chile. During his government Chile acquired its first political constitution, a law against slavery, a law prohibiting obedience to foreign authorities, a law of civil rights, and the establishment of diplomatic relations with the United States. (M 10547)

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