Cavaille Coll

1990 QY7. Discovered 1990 Aug. 16 by E. W. Elst at La Silla.

Named in memory of Aristide Cavaillae-Coll (18111899), the most famous member of a family of organ builders and considered the initiator of the orchestral style of French organ building and composing. His first large organ, that at the basilica of Saint-Denis (completed in 1841), became a model for many later French organs. Napoleon III put him in charge of rebuilding a number of important cathedral organs; more than 600 instruments bore his name, a number of them in England. He made important improvements in mechanism and pipework, aiming at making the organ as expressive as symphony orchestra, and the typical romantic sound influenced a new school of composers, such as Caesar Franck and Charles-Marie Widor {see, respectively planets (4546) and (6829)}. One of the most beautiful organs by Cavaillae-Coll is at Saint-Sulpice in Paris. (M 20524)

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