1987 WA. Discovered 1987 Nov. 18 by J. M. Baur at Chions.

Named in honor of the Chions, originally Chaonis, where the observatory of that name is located. The origins of this town in the province of Pordenone {see also planet (3896)} date back to the Roman empire and to the division of the Julia Concordia land, where important archaeological remains can still be found. The first settlement dates back to the time of the Longobardic king Autari, when it was founded by some of the survivors of the disastrous flood that swept over lower Friuli. Around the year 100 the town came under the jurisdiction of the Aquileia patriarchy. In 1420 it was passed to the republic of Venice and later to the 'free dominion' under the counts of Panigai. (M 17658)

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