1991 BM1. Discovered 1991 Jan. 18 by E. W. Elst at St. Michel.

Named in memory of the famous French composer and organist Charles-Marie Widor (1845-1937). At the age of 19, by recommendation of Aristide Cavaille-Coll {see planet (5184)}, Widor went to Brussels to study organ and composition with N. J. Lemmens and F. J. Fetis. After returning from Belgium, and after having inaugurated many organs built by Cavaille-Coll, he was finally appointed to St. Sulpice in Paris in 1869. There he had at his disposal the most magnificient organ ever built by Cavaille-Coll. Widor, who remained there for more than sixty years, is especially remembered for his ten Symphonies for organ, a genre he created. (M 34624)

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