1976 UK2. Discovered 1976 Oct. 26 by T. M. Smirnova at Nauchnyj.

Named in honor of Anatolij Mikhajlovich Chere-pashchuk (1941- ), professor at Moscow State University and director of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, respected worldwide for his work in theoretical and observational astrophysics. From an analysis of eclipses in close-binary systems he obtained correct estimates of the radii and temperatures of Wolf-Rayet stars, predicted x-ray emission in such systems, discovered optical eclipses in the unique system V1343 Aql and developed a commonly-adopted model of this object as a massive x-ray binary. He also discovered fast emission-line variability in the nuclei of Seyfert galaxies. (M 29143)

Name proposed by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

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