1979 MC. Discovered 1979 June 28 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of William D. Cochran and Anita L. Cochran, husband and wife astronomers at the University of Texas at Austin. William's broad range of research has concerned planetary (including cometary) atmospheres, Raman scattering, stellar radial velocity variations and motions in stellar chromospheres and photospheres. Using a spectroscopic radial velocity meter, he is currently surveying several dozen stars to search for reflex motions (as small as about 2 m/s) that would indicate the presence of planetary companions. Anita is a specialist in the chemistry of cometary comae and in particular how the chemistry changes with changing heliocentric distance. An assiduous observer, she has used spatially resolved spectra to help transform the photometry of comets into a quantitative discipline. She has also developed sophisticated cometary models to understand how the observed atoms, molecules, and radicals are related to the larger parent molecules present in cometary nuclei. Anita is currently a team member of the Imaging Science Subsystem of the Comet Rendezvous-Asteroid Flyby mission. (M 18459)

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