1940 CA. Discovered 1940 Feb. 10 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Fritz Conrad (1883-1944), rear-admiral of the German navy and well-known nautical expert and oceanographer. (LDS; RI 2485) Name presumably proposed by A. Kohlschutter.

A lot of detailed informations concerning the life and work of Admiral Conrad were provided by Mrs. Ilse Palm, nee Conrad. During World War I, Conrad commanded two cruisers. After the war he studied astronomy, geodesy, mathematics and physics at the Berlin University and got his Ph.D. in 1933 with Astronomische Ortsbestimmung und Kimmtiefenmessung auf See. Conrad was founder and head of the Naval Meteorology Service and of the Nautic and Hydrographic Department of the Deutsche Seewarte in Hamburg as well as of the Naval Observatory Wilhelmshaven. He is also honored by the "Conrad Mountains" in Neu-Schwabenland which were discovered by the German Antarctic Expedition 1938/39.

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