1985 PG1. Discovered 1985 Aug. 15 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of sister and brother Angioletta and Marcello Coradini, who have very actively promoted the development of planetary sciences in Europe, particularly in Italy, during the past twenty years. At the beginning of her scientific career, Angioletta carried out theoretical work on impact processes on planetary surfaces. Later, she studied the formation of planetesimals and the origin of satellite systems. Currently at the Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale, she is involved in a number of proposed space missions. Marcello, also an IAS member but currently at the European Space Agency, has worked on Mars, participating in the Viking Lander Imaging Team, and he has carried out laboratory experiments on hypervelocity impacts. He was involved in the exploration of Halley's Comet as a co-investigator of the Giotto Multicolor Camera Team. As a member of the ESA scientific directorate, he is contributing to both the development of the European community of planetary scientists and to planetary exploration in general. (M 18460)

Citation provided by M. Fulchignoni at the request of the discoverer. Name endorsed by A. W. Harris.

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