1981 DP2. Discovered 1981 Feb. 28 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring.

Named in honor of Jacques Crovisier (1948- ), an astronomer at Paris-Meudon Observatory. Crovisier has observed the OH lines of more than 40 comets using the Nancay radio telescope, as well as millimetric molecular lines of a number of comets using the IRAM telescope. He was co-investigator for the infrared spectrometer on the VEGA mission to comet 1P/Halley and is currently involved in several cometary observation programs with ISO. Crovisier is an expert in modeling molecular processes in comets and especially in molecular spectra at radio and infrared wavelengths. (M 27458)

Citation provided by M. A. Barucci following a suggestion by E. Bowell.

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