1979 MH. Discovered 1979 June 16 by H.-E. Schuster at La Silla.

Named in honor of the tenth emperor of the Aztec empire, who reigned briefly in 1520. Brother of Montezuma {see planet (2272)}, he was released from captivity by Cortez to negotiate a dispute. Immediately he rallied the Aztecs to battle the Spaniards. After many days of fierce fighting in which thousands of Aztec warriors were killed, Cuitlahuac drove Cortez from the city with the loss of over half his men and all his treasure. Within a few months Cuitlahuac and uncounted thousands of his fellow Aztecs died from smallpox brought by an occupying Spanish soldier. (M 21605)

Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee following a suggestion by F. Pilcher.

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