1981 EX18. Discovered 1981 Mar. 2 by S. J. Bus at Siding Spring.

Named in honor of the great Spanish painter Salvador Dali (1904-1989), who in a career spanning over six decades has produced countless works dealing in imageries of the subconscious mind. His art has been influenced by surrealist contemporaries, as well as by his love for his wife Gala, but his own hallucinatory style and mastery of multiple illusions have made him a genius of our time. (M 8802)

Mind Health Secrets

Mind Health Secrets

A pool of fresh water is special. It's special as it’s a bit like our consciousness. If you try hard you may be able to see really little waves or ripples in the water. They’re really slight. The surface of the water is like the surface of your consciousness. The part that you're cognizant of.

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