1985 TO. Discovered 1985 Oct. 15 by E. Bowell at Anderson Mesa.

Named in honor of Dan Welcher (1948- ), American composer and conductor, on the occasion of the first performance of his Symphony No. 2 for large orchestra by the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra on 1994 Nov. 9. Subtitled Night Watchers, the four-movement work marks the centennial of the founding of Lowell Observatory and of the city of Flagstaff. Welcher was trained as a pianist and bassoonist and became principal bassoonist of the Louisville Orchestra. From 1990 to 1992, he was composer in residence of the Honolulu Symphony. Welcher's wideranging compositions encompass orchestral, chamber, instrumental and vocal works, and he specializes in conducting the music of living American composers. He is professor of composition at the University of Texas at Austin. (M 24122)

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