1988 SH. Discovered 1988 Sept. 17 by E. W. Elst at St. Michel.

Named in memory of Claude Debussy (18621918), famous French impressionistic composer, known particularly for his Clair de Lune, Jardins sous la Pluie and Feux d'ArtiSce, and more generally for his brilliant suites for the piano, such as Estampes, Bergamasque and Images. While his music is the spontaneous expression, the reflection and the image of sensation, it reaches the innermost part of one's subconscious. This effect is obtained by using free harmonies, different scales (from other cultures, e.g., in "Jardins sous la Pluie") and daring mixtures of tones. Debussy was a fervent admirer of Chopin {see planet (3784)}, even to the extent of also composing two books of twelve Préludes and an album of Etudes. (M 17031)

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