1986 RP1. Discovered 1986 Sept. 4 by A. Mrkos at Klet.

Named in memory of the Czech scientist, Praemon-strat monk and priest Prokop Vaclav Divis (1698-1765), who was known for his experiments with electricity. On 1754 June 15 he erected his "meteorological machine" on the grounds of his vicarage near Znojma in South Moravia. This was a kind of lightning rod consisting of some 400 iron peaks on plates on a high bar. Its aim was to exhaust the electricity from storm clouds and lead it groundward along chains, thus preventing lightning strikes. Divis also used electricity in medical treatment. (M 34621)

Name suggested by J. Ticha and M. Solc on the tricentennial of his {DiviSs'} birth.

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