1953 VN2. Discovered 1953 Nov. 9 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named for Fletcher Christian {1764-1792}, leader of the mutiny aboard H.M.S. Bounty {see planet (3264)}. A long-standing friend of Bligh's {see planet (3263)}, Fletcher was invited by Bligh to accompany him on the voyage to Tahiti as Master's Mate. After the mutiny, the ship returned to Tahiti, where 16 of the mutineers

(3266) Bernardus decided to stay. Fletcher took the other mutineers to Pitcairn Island, where they hoped to avoid capture by the Royal Navy. Although the descendants of Fletcher Christian still live on Pitcairn, the fate of Christian himself remains unclear - one account has him being killed on Pitcairn, another has him returning secretly to England. (M 19692)

Name proposed by G. V. Williams, who wrote the citation, and endorsed by E. Bowell, who made the principal identification involving this planet.

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