1989 YN. Discovered 1989 Dec. 27 by Y. Kushida and O. Muramatsu at Yatsugatake.

Named in honor of Yoshio Fujita, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, known for his pioneering work on the spectra of late-type stars, in particular of cool, carbon stars, with his determination of the carbon isotope ratio. He served as president of the Astronomical Society of Japan during 1961-1963 and as president of IAU Commission 29 during 1970-1973. He has been a member of the Japan Academy since 1965 and of the Sociaetae Royale des Sciences de Liaege since 1969. (M 21611)

Name proposed by the discoverers following a suggestion by T. Tsuji and Y. Yamashita.

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