1985 RB1. Discovered 1985 Sept. 14 by the Spacewatch at Kitt Peak.

Named in memory of Jerry Garcia (1942-1995), lead guitarist for the "Grateful Dead". He was also a superb banjo player and steel pedal guitar player. His recorded work embrace many styles, among them rock-and-roll, bluegrass and country, and experimental electronic music. Garcia and the Grateful Dead have also sought to preserve endangered and underappreciated music. Garcia was best known for his consummate musicianship and for live performance and improvisations. Those embracing Garcia's music have now spanned several generations, attesting to the quality and timelessness of his music. (M 25976)

Name proposed by T. Gehrels, following a suggestion by S. Radford. Citation prepared by E. Olszewski and S. Radford.

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