1980 UA. Discovered 1980 Oct. 31 at the Harvard College Observatory at Harvard.

Named in honor of I. Gene Campbell, systems programmer in the central computing facility at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Ever

(3144) Brosche helpful and always patient, he has quickly and quietly resolved many problems over the years, both for the observing program at Oak Ridge and for the Minor Planet Center and Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams. It is a rare magnetic tape that he cannot salvage and decipher, and fixing recalcitrant modems is second nature to him. When it became necessary to dispense with the teletype machines for the MPC/CBAT TWX number, he did the necessary programming for operating EASYLINK from the CFAPS2 MicroVAX and arranged for the automatic receipt there of TWX/telex messages. (M 16244)

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