1985 QX. Discovered 1985 Aug. 22 by A. Mrkos at Klet.

Named in memory of the physicist Frantisek Josef Gerstner (1756-1832) and his son Frantisek Antonin Gerstner (1795-1840). F. J. Gerstner worked at the observatories in Vienna and Prague but then turned from astronomy to applied mathematics, physics, mechanics and metallurgy. He founded the Prague Polytechnic School, later Technical University, in 1806. He also designed the horse railroad from Ceske Budejovice to Linz. F. A. Gerstner continued building this horse railroad, which was completed in 1832 and is considered the first railroad in continental Europe. (M 27733)

Name suggested by J. Ticha and M. Solc.

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