1986 GV. Discovered 1986 Apr. 3 by C. S. Shoemaker and E. M. Shoemaker at Palomar.

Named in honor ofthe cosmochemist Ghislaine Crozaz (1939- ), who began her immensely productive career three decades ago, with studies of fission tracks in lunar samples and meteorites. Since then she has contributed significantly to our understanding of the early history of the solar system and to the formation histories of various meteorite types through innovative studies of trace element microdistributions and extinct radionuclides in these objects. As a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences at Washington University, she actively participates in the training of the next generation of planetary scientists with her characteristic nurturing and enthusiastic spirit. (M 34625)

Citation prepared by M. Wadhwa at the request of the first discoverer.

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