1989 GJ. Discovered 1989 Apr. 5 by E. F. Helin at Palomar.

Named in honor of Jon D. Giorgini, who has contributed significantly to radar astronomy of minor planets through his development of an On-Site Orbit Determination software system. This allows radar astrometric measurements to be used immediately to improve a target's orbit, and hence yields ephemerides for pointing, time delay and doppler frequency. Since the system became operational at Goldstone {see planet (4433)} in 1993, there has been an order-of-magnitude improvement in the efficiency with which radar observations can progress. In particular, Giorgini's software was key to the success of the radar imaging of (1620) Geographos in Aug. 1994 and (6489) Golevka in June 1995. (M 26933)

Citation prepared by D. K. Yeomans and S. J. Ostro.

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